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Hiring Temp Marketing Staff

T emp staffing agencies. Let’s talk about the common, yet lovable, temp.

A temp is typically someone brought in to a company in times of need, however, being a realist, no one really wants them there as ‘someone’ has to train them and they usually don’t actually achieve much impact. It takes a few weeks for them to understand the business as they’ve ‘only just got out of University’ and rarely have useful insights into the overall health of the business growth. Once they’ve learned the business culture and environment, it’s time for them to move to the next job.

Step aside ordinary temps, there’s a new way to build your marketing department!

At ToffeeJar we build meaningful, long lasting relationships with our clients, so the same person will be working on your account, time after time. No onboarding required, we’ve worked in fast-paced fast growth companies who are genuinely short-staffed, stressed and don’t have any time for hand-holding. It’s hit the ground running time!


Companies that hire marketing

Digital marketing agencies

Digital marketing agencies are becoming more and more fashionable as people claim to be ‘influencers’ or ‘social media managers’ …when they simply just run their own narcistic social account. Finding a decent digital agency in Vancouver is like finding a golden hen’s tooth!

Marketing staffing agencies

Staffing agencies are a great place to start. Typically they provide decent marketing staff who are in-between roles, waiting to find their dream job. So, if you like their style and want to hire the marketer on a longer contract, you’ll pay a large finders fee. Sadly, due to the nature of the temp world, you’ll probably never have the same person twice, so your on-boarding will take precious time off your already busy schedule.

M ake your marketing department shine. At ToffeeJar, our on-demand staffing service can have your non-existent marketing department up and running in no time, your large marketing department flourish with high-level temporary assistance, or regular marketing boosts for over-stretched businesses. Our on-demand marketing services are a custom fit to each and every situation. 

Marketing staffing solutions near Vancouver

Although you have a plethora of companies offering temporary staffing solutions to choose from, the benefit of using a ToffeeJar Marketer are no minimum contracts, no temp agency fees and high-level expert consultants. We’ll listen, understand and learn whilst pro-actively providing the optimum marketing service.

Easier talking with us?

Schedule a 15 minute intro call. We’ll answer your questions and discuss your on-demand marketing needs.

Contact us today with your marketing staffing needs!

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